Friday, 3 August 2012

Cake Sales & Rainbows

It's been a while since I've written an entry so I thought I would write a quick entry about recent events.

A few weeks ago I organised a cake sale in the canteen at my work in order raise money for Aching Arms. I've written about Aching Arms previously in my blog and they are a charity very close to my heart. You can find more information about them and what they do on their website

Myself and my sister made cupackes and my colleagues also made cakes and we sold them at lunch time
we managed to make £85 which is amazing, which I was able to donate to Aching Arms in memory of Summer. My other sister decided she wanted to do the same at her work, only her company offered to double whatever money she raised, she managed to raise a whopping £250 which was matched so £500 has been donated to Aching Arms in memory of Summer, to help them continue the great work they do. 

In other ideas...........
A friend of mine asked me if I wanted to complete the 3 Peaks Challenge with her to raise money for The Child Bereavement Charity which I think I'm going to have to think about! This is a massive challenge and I'm far from fit the most excerise I get is carrying bottles of wine from the car into the kitchen ;) maybe ill tackle it next year and convince my husband to do it with me! 

I have titled this post Cake Sales and Rainbows, Rainbows (for those of you reading this who arent parents to angels) are babies you have after a loss, your happy ending, well I'm still waiting for mine. 
I have met so many amazing and inspiring women who have helped me during my grief who know what it feels like to lose a child and they became very good friends, all of these ladies have since been blessed with their rainbows and all of a sudden, they're not like me anymore. They have someone to love. They have hope. Their healing has begun. All of a sudden they are "one of them" by that I mean a Mother to a living child. 
I read a blog recently of a lady on twitter who recently and deservingly got her rainbow and she wrote about how elated she was to be one of them. I only have hope to keep me going that I will also become one of them. 

In other news a close friend of ours gave birth to their baby boy 6 weeks early and he was kept in the same neonatal unit as Summer and her Neopuff had helped him to breath and my friend sent me a picture of the equipment on the wall saving babies everyday such a bitter sweet feeling. 

Love & Hope